Will the REAL winter arrive anytime soon?

This has been a question I have been asked countless times over the past few months out in public, through emails, phone calls and social media. And with good reason too, it hasn’t really felt like a true winter here in West Central Ohio. I do keep reminding people though that we have had just over 15 inches of snow so far this season (we average about 35″) and still a good deal of time to catch up. Looking at beyond the next 7 days there are some interesting things showing up. First, it is becoming more and more likely that we will get a big blast of arctic air this upcoming weekend with the GFS forecast model showing much colder air working into the great lakes.

Sure the cold air is great, but we need some snow with that right? Here is a look at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Centers take on the precipitation 8-14 days from now. Notice we are in an area that is expecting above average precipitation. ( I know, big surprise right?) And next to it the 8-14 day temperature outlook…                                      

With temperatures around average expected, that puts us in the mid 30’s for daytime highs. If this scenario pans out we could be looking at a snowy end to our February and a chance to catch up on some missed winter-time!!! We’ll have to wait and see!



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