Where has the cold been? In Europe, that’s where!

Temperatures have been consistently above average  here in West Central Ohio since this past November. Surprisingly, we’re not to far off pace for our Winter average for snow we have had about 20 inches, the average is 35. The mild temperatures just haven’t allowed the snow to hang around very long! So since it’s been so mild someone must be feeling the wrath of winter, right? According to the Washington Post, at least 450 deaths are being blamed on the extreme cold this winter in Europe. Here is a look at the worldwide temperatures as compared to the average for the first 5 days of February.

Parts of Europe that normally experience mild winters are seeing abnormal amounts of snow.

According to the AP, 8 inches of snow fell in Rome last weekend. The most since 1986! The cold spell in Europe hasn’t gained much national attention here in the states yet, but if this type of cold continues, I suspect it will.

While it is not likely that we will experience a prolonged cold now that were halfway through February. We still have plenty of time to get that BIG snow here in Ohio. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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