What a warm March!

We have broken a record high now 5 days straight here in Lima! The past few days not only did we just break records, we SMASHED them by 10 degrees or more! As I mentioned in my previous post, this weather pattern is very reminiscent of the summer. Taking a look at the jet stream on Wednesday, we can still see that there is a very amplified pattern in place with a deep trough West of the Mississippi and a large ridge East. This ridge has been in place for over a week now and hasn’t allowed the more active part of the jet to move. Because of this, we have seen a lot of moist and VERY warm air to settle in.


Towards the end of the week however this pattern will change, a large part of the jet stream is expected to break off from the main flow forming what is called an “upper level low” and will slowly track East towards Ohio. Here is a look at Friday with the upper low sitting over the midwest. Notice the main flow of the jet still well to our North.

This upper low will bring a good chance for rain both Friday and Saturday and also cool off our  temperatures off by about 15-20 degrees. But even with the cool down we’ll still be in the 60’s and low 70’s, and that is still very mild for this time of year thanks to the main flow of the jet still expected to be well North of us. It looks like March will go down as one of the warmest ever!



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