A Stormy End to April, But a Very Warm Start to May!

Believe it or not, here in WC Ohio the month of March will end up being warmer than the month of April this year! We did have the warmest March in recorded history, but still, that’s pretty impressive if you ask me! So here we are on our last day of April, and almost right on cue, we will begin quite the warm up for May. We’ll have to endure the possibility of a few storms later this afternoon though as a warm front and an area of low pressure usher in some very warm and moist air out of the South. Here is surface map showing dew-point (moisture) and my crude attempt at drawing a surface low and warm frontal position around 11:30 AM Monday.

The darker green colors indicate a surge of 60+ degree dew-point mainly for the Southern half of the state by later this afternoon. Couple that with warming temperatures and an area of low pressure passing through and you have a recipe for developing thunderstorms. The good news is that the area of low pressure is relatively weak and there isn’t much wind shear in the atmosphere with the low. Basically that means there will be a very low threat for rotating storms and the potential for tornadoes, but we have the chance at seeing a few strong to severe storms capable of producing hail and damaging winds late this afternoon and evening.

After this system passes through later tonight, the flood gates will be open for some very warm air to work in by midweek. By late Wednesday a strong upper high will develop over the SE United States and that means temperatures likely surging into the low 80’s for highs! Here is a look at the upper high at about 8 PM Wednesday. The high pushes the main jet stream flow indicated by the blue colors well to our North.

With the warm and moist air in place, there will be chances for scattered showers and thunderstorms through the period but they will be very hit or miss. It looks like this pattern holds up into the upcoming weekend until a cold front swings through to bring us cooler weather once again.

Welcome to May!



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