We’re looking for some rain!

Monday marked two weeks since we have seen any measurable rainfall at the TV station in Lima. Other than the first two days of the month, May has been very dry.

There was hope that a cold front would bring the region some much-needed rain to start the week, but other than a few light rain showers here in WC Ohio, the heavier showers and thunderstorms developed mainly over Central and Eastern Ohio. The front that moved through will cool us off, but that will be very short-lived. A very warm and dry weather pattern will set up leading into the Holiday weekend.

So far this Spring we have dealt with a very non-active jet. While that’s good for those who don’t like severe weather, it’s not good for those who have crops and gardens. Later this week we will once again look at a very strong area of high pressure building in over the Eastern half of the United States that will force the jet stream well to our North. Here is a look at where the jet will set up by the weekend.

The darker blue colors indicate stronger winds within the jet stream, a trough will set up out West and a ridge will be present East of the Mississippi. The jet stream plays a big role in steering weather systems at the surface, so with the absence of a strong jet here in WC Ohio we can expect very warm temperatures and continued dry conditions heading into the Holiday weekend. 90 degrees will be well within reach for the end of May! By the time we’re looking at any organized rain via a cold front, we’ll likely be at about three weeks without measurable precipitation.