Get Ready for Triple Digit Heat!

   We’re only about a week into Summer but temperatures in the next few days will be at levels we haven’t seen in quite some time here in Lima. With temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees Thursday, this will likely be the first time since 1988 that the “Bean” has reached the century mark. The last time we came this close to 100° was July 21st of last year.

  There is no doubt that this extreme heat is being aided by our recent VERY dry conditions here in WC Ohio. Most of the region is already in what is considered by the National Weather Service as a “Moderate Drought” with conditions likely to worsen over the next several days.

I like to think of it this way. Think of a pool or any other body of water during the summertime, it is usually much colder than the air temperature. Water warms much more slowly than air (it also cools at a slower rate too!), because of this, temperatures near the surface are prone to warm at different rates. If the soil is moist, air around it will tend to rise a little bit more slowly than if it were bone dry. (and we’re pretty darn close to bone dry for this region!) Because of the dry weather and strong area of high pressure in place, expect this hot weather to continue well into next week with nothing more than an isolated shower or thunderstorm possible.  

Try and stay cool!



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