Heat Wave Update!

Are you tired of this HOT weather yet? Only a couple more days until we finally see some relief!

But it won’t be before we likely experience the worst of the heat before we “cool” down into the 80’s. The overall weather pattern has been unusually stubborn with a big ol’ area of high pressure camped out in the Midwest for the past 8 or 9 days. Because of this, the jet stream is forced to retreat North into Canada. When this happens strong area of low pressure move North with it and stay away from us, leaving our weather unchanged.

With the heat drought conditions also continue to get worse. Just about all of WC Ohio is classified under moderate drought conditions.

But there is relief! This pattern will break down on Sunday bringing some much welcomed cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be much rain with the front as it moves through, so it looks as if drought conditions will only continue to worsen….

Here are a couple of stats on our recent heat wave…

Days at or above 90 degrees 9 DAYS

Our last streak of 90 degree heat this long July 17th thru July 24th, 2011.                   8 DAYS 

Records tied or broken during this heat wave 5

Times at or above 100 degrees during the current heat wave- 2

Highest temperature during the heat wave- 105° on June 28th

Last time we hit 100° or higher in Lima before 2012. Summer of 1988



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