Andy and Kristy Young Wedding!

This past weekend my wife and I made a trip to Jamestown New York to celebrate the wedding of two very good friends! Of course you probably remember Andy, our sports director here at WLIO up until the beginning of this year. They moved to Buffalo after Andy accepted a job at a TV station there, both of them are from the Jamestown area which isn’t more than an hour from Buffalo. What a great time seeing these two wonderful people tie the knot!

Not only was it a chance to see Andy and Kristy, it was a WLIO reunion of sorts with Csaba Sukosd and Laura Betker both traveling hundreds of miles to be part of the day as well. Here was our “Lima” group just after the ceremony ended!

And do you think Laura Betker and I could have been at an outdoor wedding and not taken a weather related picture? This weather vane was whipping around all night, but the rain held off until the next day thankfully!


Having been in Lima now for almost 6 years I have seen a lot of good friends come and go from the TV station, times like this are very special to me!

Congrats to Andy and Kristy!


4 thoughts on “Andy and Kristy Young Wedding!

  1. Kyle you are truly a great friend to those that pass through on their way to a better life. Lima needs people like you, thanks for setting the example.

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