Thursday Evening Severe Weather Update

Storms continue to develop off to the West of us here in WC Ohio as an area of low pressure is now moving across Indiana and eventually through Ohio later tonight. Here is the current position of the low and where it will track.

As of now, storms are really blossoming over Indiana as the low strengthens thanks to some anticipated help from an upper level trough seen here. This is at the 500 millibar level in the atmposphere (about 18,000 feet) The blue colors are faster winds in the trough that work to intensify surface low pressure systems.

The storms in Indiana right now not only have the help of the upper level winds, but also daytime heating with some surface CAPE still in the region. If you look towards WC Ohio, what little CAPE we had from earlier is all but gone.

So as this system continues to push Eastward, the severe storms in Indiana will gradually weaken as they run into a more stable atmosphere. However, there is still the chance for a severe thunderstorm or two in the region thanks to the help of the upper level trough helping to maintain some storms in an otherwise stabilizing environment due to the loss of daytime heating. For now, the main threats continue to be large hail and damaging winds into the overnight. A Severe thunderstorm watch may be extended further East into Ohio later tonight if the storms can hold together. Watching closely!



2 thoughts on “Thursday Evening Severe Weather Update

  1. Is that a different track than the low was expected to take? I remember you saying it was supposed to go right over is, it seems like we’re just north of the track now. I’m watching this closely too, it’ll be interesting to see if the storms can hold together, I don’t think most of them will, though.

    • It did end up staying going pretty much over WC Ohio. A few of the storms decided to strengthen a bit into Mercer and Auglaize County, but other than that they weakened as expected.

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