Warrior Dash!

This past weekend my wife Megan and I made a trip back to my hometown (North Canton) to run the Warrior Dash which was held at Clay’s Park just near Canal Fulton (about 20 minutes from North Canton) If you’re unfamiliar with the Warrior Dash it’s basically a 5k run with military style obstacles throughout the course. This run was so much fun! We ran at 3 PM on Saturday with a start temperature of about 90 degrees! Thankfully throughout the run there were several obstacles that involved water like crawling through mud pits underneath barbed wire to cool you off……

I think my wife seems to be enjoying herself a little bit more than me by the looks of these pictures 🙂

The race attracted THOUSANDS of runners from all over the Midwest and was easily the biggest run I have ever been a part of. Here is a shot of the beginning of the run, flames and all! (As if it wasn’t hot enough!)

This was a family event too, my Mom, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins even showed up to cheer us on! Thanks to my Uncle Jim and Cousin Brian for all these great pics! Check out my Uncle Randy leaping over rows of burning logs towards the end of the course!

When you were all done with the race everyone was a muddy mess!

My wife Megan and I glad that it’s over!

My Uncle Randy crossing the finish line!

What a great experience! We will definitely be doing another one of these in the future!


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