A Weekend Honoring Military Heroes!

They’re often called the greatest generation, the generation of men and women who served our country in World War Two. I was reminded first hand this past weekend why that statement is 100 percent true.

One of those veterans of World War Two is my grandfather Donald Block. He has been widely recognized as the youngest Pilot of the B-26 Marauder to fly in the war (He jokes that on his 20th birthday, they let him fly two bombing missions instead of just one). This weekend one of only seven left in the whole world was dedicated at the Military Air Preservation Society (MAPS) museum just South of Akron. As a pilot of this bomber, my grandpa was asked to speak at the dedication putting his own twist on the journey through training, Europe and taking the B-26 to the limit during battle. Here he is standing next to the restored plane.

The crowd was close to 200 people! The restored bomber behind him. (Photo thanks to Jim Block)

Part of my family by the bomber. From right to left: Me, My Mom, Grandpa, Uncle Jim Block, Cousin Brian Block, Brother Daniel Adams.

There were also 20 Rosie the Riveters There! Great to see these women honored who went to work in the factories back home in support of the war effort, they forever changed  women’s equality! Here they are doing the famous fist pump!


After the ceremony we got the VIP tour of the museum! We got up close and personal with aircraft of the past.

C-47 Skytrain

Top Gun fans! The F-14 Tomcat (in the middle)

And my brother and me in the seats of a AH-1 Cobra!







2 thoughts on “A Weekend Honoring Military Heroes!

  1. Great pics and great stuff, Kyle! I know it had to be intriguing to see these planes and also to think of your grandfather as a young man, performing such heroic feats! My oldest brother-in-law (now deceased) was a navigator in the USAF during WW II. He was just out of HS, and served primarily on bomber flights over Germany.

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