Looking Back On 2012, And Welcome To 2013!

Happy New Year, welcome to 2013! There were some big weather events that stick out in my mind looking back on 2012, the first one I think of was our LACK of snow for much of last Winter. At this time last year there was only 19 percent of the country with snow on the ground….

2011 Snow Depth

Compare that to this year with 62 percent of the country with snow on the ground! What a difference!

Snow Depth

So far in Lima this winter season we have had 15.75″ of snow! (14.75″ of that coming in December) Compare that to the ENTIRE season last year at 19.25″, and we’re very much on track to far surpass our snowfall totals from last year.

Coming out of last winter into the month of March, West Central Ohio began to see a lack of rain. The upside to this was we had a VERY quiet severe weather season. The downside, was that crops began to seriously suffer as we headed into the summer months. Beginning in March, we ran a rainfall deficit for the next 6 months. This lack of rain sent the region into one of the worst droughts it has seen in decades.

In the midst of all of the dry and HOT weather there was one day that brought rain, but unfortunately along with the rain came devastating wind. A derecho moved through the region on June 29th bringing with it winds of up to 80 miles per hour. A Derecho by definition is a windstorm containing a swath of damage with wind gusts of 58 miles per hour or more for more than 240 miles!  The storm was over in just a few minutes, but in its path it left damaged homes, businesses, barns and farms. It knocked out power to thousands in West Central Ohio with some people going over a week without electricity.


These are just some of the events that stick out in my mind from 2012, we’ll wait and see what 2013 brings!

On a more personal note I have several resolutions this year. My wife bought we a new guitar for Christmas, I’m definitely going to learn how to play that 🙂 I plan on giving up coffee, going to be VERY tough, but I think it can be done! I’ll let you all know how that goes.

Here’s to the bright New Year
And a fond farewell to the old
Here’s to the things that are yet to come
And to the memories that we hold
May God be with you and bless you
May the best of this year be the worst of the next
May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward

Happy 2013!



3 thoughts on “Looking Back On 2012, And Welcome To 2013!

  1. Good job, Kyle, and very interesting!

    Another “stand-out” weather day was a day in early March when our temp hit 80, or a little over–did we break any records that day? I think it was a Sunday, because I remember a LOT of people out walking around, and we were all somewhat giddy–a sudden epidemic of extreme spring fever! And…me being ME…I was having a good ol’ time, yakking with them, and sharing our giddiness! LOL

    A hint for your coffee reduction: Keep making it thinner and thinner–water it down–and hopefully you’ll avoid the headaches etc. that accompany withdrawal. “Cold turkey” isn’t a good method for reducing caffeine intake–your body will respond with a roarin’ headache, at the very least! When you’re getting down to a pretty “thin” cup o’ joe, and close to plain water, you can just go to “straight water”! If you miss having a hot drink, decaf coffee or tea would be good, OR–I had a boss who drank hot water! So…GOOD LUCK, with whatever method you choose! (The demon I’m attacking is nicotine, so if you hear the scanner reporting a gimpy old hag becoming violent and attacking some unsuspecting person with a cigarette in their hand, please run downtown and bail me out! LOL)

  2. Hahah! Good advice! I did the cold turkey approach once and it was BAD NEWS! I got really sick! Fever and everything. I will definitely be weening off of it slowly 🙂

  3. Since we have now had a TOTAL of 70.8″ of SNOW this Winter Season (2013-2014) and knowing that last Winter Season (2013-2014) was one of our LOWEST SNOWFALL Seasons, I am interested to find out just HOW LOW it was? Would you please send me the TOTAL SNOWFALL for last Winter Season (2013-2014). Thank you, Dan DeLong

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