Early March Snowstorm!

It’s the beginning of March, are you starting to get into the Spring mindset? Well, don’t start thinking Spring just quite yet 🙂 West Central Ohio is in for some accumulating snowfall over the next few days! As of now, Winter Storm Warnings have been issued throughout most of the viewing area, they will start going into effect at 10 AM Tuesday morning.

CWA Watch-Warning

We can expect some light snow beginning after tomorrow morning after sunrise, but I don’t expect the accumulating snow to start falling until the late afternoon and evening hours. The snow will probably have trouble sticking to the ground at first but as the evening nears and temperatures start to fall below freezing and into the 20’s the snow should have no problem sticking. With the accumulating/heavier snow not expected until later in the day and into Wednesday morning, West Central Ohio is going to very likely see several inches of snow on the ground. Here is a look at what I think will be on the ground by Wednesday at sunrise (AGAIN, keep in mind that I do not think we’ll begin to really see the accumulating snowfall until closer to sunset)

. Kyle Snow Totals

The latest model runs this evening have backed off by about 2 or 3 inches, suggesting that our totals will be lower. However, based off of one model run, I am not ready to buy into that just quite yet. If the upcoming model runs into Tuesday morning begin to follow suit, then I may have to lower these totals a bit.

On a different note, this March has started off quite the opposite from last! You probably remember how warm we were last March, it was the warmest ever recorded! Beginning on St. Patrick’s Day, we had 6 straight days where we broke a daytime high record! 4 of those days in a row were above 80 degrees! What a difference a year makes!

We’ll be watching this developing storm very closely over the next day!



One thought on “Early March Snowstorm!

  1. I was going to ask that question, on the FB page–I was trying to remember what day/days we broke 80! I have pics of my daffodils and crocuses blooming on March 15. That’s about the right time for crocuses, but about 3 or 4 weeks early, for the daffies! And I have pics from 3/19 of some of my tulips blooming–a full month early, plus my honeysuckle (that big jungle monster you’ve seen…lol) was leafing out by 3/19! My phlox was in full bloom by 3/22–3 to 4 wks. early! Ahhh….it was a good…but strange….gardening year! And boy-oh-boy did I get sick of hauling the hose around! LOL

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