Welcome to Spring! Is more snow on the way?

We have now entered into the Spring season and to say the least things have started off very much on the chilly side! This is quite the contrast to this time last year with the daytime high on this date (March 21st) hitting a record 87 degrees! (I vividly remember being outside on St. Patrick’s day last year in shorts and a t-shirt!) Last March we set 7 daytime high RECORDS with 6 of those record highs coming 6 days in a row March 17th-22nd. This March the temperature has only been above average 3 days so far this entire month with every other day falling below.

Not only that, we’re still forecasting the POTENTIAL for accumulating snow as we head into the last week of the month. All week we have been eyeing the potential for snow late Sunday into Monday next week. As of today forecast models still point to that possibility with the European model and North American GFS showing a winter storm tracking through our general region!

Throughout the week the European model has been showing a track well to our South but today has moved this system further North tracking through Southern Ohio. This would be a favorable track for us here in West Central Ohio with several inches of snow a possibility, especially along and South of Route 30. Also of note, Throughout the course of the Winter this has been one of the more accurate forecast models. But since it just began showing this today, I’ll wait for a little more consistency over the next few forecasts before I totally jump on board.







The Canadian forecast model (GEM) also is in good agreement with the European bringing the potential for snow….








The GFS model has been less accurate over the Winter but has been pretty consistent in showing this storm the past 2 or 3 days. But the latest runs have the storm shifted well South and in an unfavorable track for snow here in West Central Ohio Sunday night into Monday……….








The bottom line is this, forecast models are coming into decent agreement that a winter storm will be moving nearby into early next week. It is still too early to say how much (If any) snow will fall. You may be hearing speculation, but it is extremely difficult to nail down snowfall amounts and specific locations until about 48 to 64 hours before the storm. Do know that the potential for several inches of snow is on my “radar” for early next week! 🙂 Welcome to Spring, right? :/ I’ll keep you updated!



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