April 10th and 11th Severe Threat

We broke a record high Tuesday in Lima set back in 2001 by a degree with a high of 83! With these types of temperatures I don’t think there is any doubt that Spring has arrived! One reason we had such warm temperatures was the slow Northward movement of a nearly stationary front into Southern Michigan. This allowed warm air to easily move in out of the South and kept showers, thunderstorms and most important, cloud cover to our North. This front will slowly sag South once again tomorrow continuing to be the focus for showers and thunderstorms across West Central Ohio.

Regional Sat-Rad FRONTS

With the front across the viewing area there will be a chance for strong to severe thunderstorms during the day Wednesday. The National Weather Service has West Central Ohio under a slight risk for severe weather with higher chances further West.

Kyle Convective Outlook

Notice that the severe threat across Ohio coincides with the stationary front dropping South during the day tomorrow. With more cloud cover and rain expected through the day, I do not anticipate temperatures quite as warm as Tuesday. However, if we do manage to see some sunshine into the afternoon hours and we do manage to warm into the mid to upper 70’s the atmosphere will have a better chance a destabilizing. With the front in the vicinity acting as a trigger, strong to severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds and hail are a possibility tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. Bottom line, the more sunshine and warmer the temperature, the better chance for severe weather we’ll have. It’s also important to note that while a widespread outbreak of tornadoes is NOT expected, an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out, it’s that time of year. But the better chance for an isolated tornado looks to be off West along a cold front (in the area highlighted in red).

Also something interesting to note, one short-term model (RPM) shows a definitive squall line moving through WC Ohio late tomorrow afternoon. Just something to keep an eye on….

Kyle RPM 12KM Futurecast Wed

The main squall line with a cold front will likely push through early Thursday morning with a strong cold front. But depending on how much activity we see during the day on Wednesday, our atmosphere may not be very favorable for severe weather with the worst of the storms possibly staying to our South.


Of course, this is an evolving situation. One that I’m paying very close attention too. Just know that the possibility is there over the next couple of days for severe weather. Be sure to catch Your News Now for all the latest updates later tonight and with Brian Schroeder Wednesday AM.



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