Why We’re So Cold, And Why We’ll Warm Right Back Up!

After a chilly Mother’s Day we felt temperatures fall into the 30’s this morning making for a very chilly start to the week. Over this past weekend we had a pair of cold fronts move through the region (the first late Friday and the second Saturday evening). When temperatures fluctuate like this, all we need to do is look at the jet stream to see where all this is coming from! Here is a look at the jet stream showing a BIG trough over the East coast allowing for colder Canadian air to flood this part of the country!

300 mb monday

But this upper level trough will not stick around for very long! By Wednesday it will move well to our East allowing the active part of the jet stream to lift North. This means warmer temperatures out of the South will once again move in! We should be back close to 80 degrees!

300 mb wednesday

Looking more long term, it looks as if we could be in for an active weather period by late in the coming weekend and into next week. Another big trough in the jet stream will set up over the Midwest, this will allow continued warm and moist air to filter into the region setting the stage for showers and thunderstorms.

early next week trof

Here is a look at the 8 to 14 day outlook from the NWS…Confirming warmer temperatures and possible active weather.




6 10 precip

We might be looking to make up for a pretty calm beginning of May by this time next week…It’s something I’ll be watching and keeping you updated on through out the week!



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