Our May Warm Up Is Here!

Coming off of a CHILLY Mother’s Day weekend, our temperatures have SHOT right back up here in West Central Ohio with highs in the region reaching 80 degrees!  It was a big jump from yesterday with highs only in the 50’s on Monday …….

Temp Change

We’ll follow suit Tuesday with temps back into the low to mid 80’s before a cold front moves in out of the North. The warmest high we have had so far in 2013 was on April 9th with a high of 83, it looks like we’ll surpass that on Wednesday.

Back to the cold front…….. Most forecast models don’t develop much rain along the front as it passes through tomorrow afternoon, but I wouldn’t be surprised (thanks to forecasted highs in the mid 80’s) if we did end up seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon and evening. Either way, most forecast models wait until the front passes well to our South before more organized showers and thunderstorms develop. Something to watch…

Kyle RPM 12KM Futurecast

This front will stay nearly stationary through the weekend along the Ohio River. It’s far enough away to say with good confidence that rain chances will remain low, but there is still a low chance Thursday through Saturday for an isolated shower or thunderstorm.

A BETTER chance for rain looks to move in early next week on Monday and Tuesday as a trough begins to dig into the midwest. This helps to pull up Gulf moisture from the South along with add extra lift to the atmosphere that helps aid showers and thunderstorms.

300 mb

Enjoy the warmer weather!



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