Wednesday Severe Weather Chance Followed By A Big Cool Down!

For the last few days West Central Ohio has been on the Eastern edge of a severe weather threat thanks to a system slowly making its way East across the United States. The system has been weakening over the last day or so, there were 28 reports of tornadoes on Monday including the devastating EF-5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. On Tuesday there were several tornado watches issued, but there was not a single report of a tornado, a good sign indeed for the same system making its way through the region today. Our biggest threats here in West Central Ohio still seem to be damaging wind, and to a lesser extent, large hail. We are under a slight risk for severe weather now for the third day in a row.

today outlook

On both Monday and Tuesday we were HIGHLY dependent on the destabilization of the atmosphere during the daytime hours for any storms to materialize. That simply didn’t happen. TODAY we are dependent on that once again, but any destabilization that occurs will have help from higher wind speeds in the upper level layers of the atmosphere (wind shear) to help maintain any storms that do form, something we didn’t have the previous two days. Here is the upper trough moving over the region with the higher winds in the trough right over Ohio.

500 MB

I’m not very confident that the atmosphere will be able to destabilize enough for stronger storms to fire, but if it does, damaging winds and hail will be a possibility especially late this afternoon and evening. I’ll be watching VERY closely this afternoon and evening! Tune into Your Hometown Lima Stations later for all the latest.

On another note….

Once the cold front passes through late this evening temperatures will drop by about 20 to 25 degrees for the rest of the week and into the Memorial Day weekend. It won’t be quite like last year with temperatures close to 90 degrees, but we should be able to see a good deal of sunshine with highs in the mid to upper 60’s through the weekend 🙂



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