Possible Severe Weather And A Big Warm Up!

Temperatures today are feeling much warmer here in West Central Ohio thanks to a warm front that has lifted through the region bringing highs in the 80’s along with increasing moisture/humidity in the region. It’s along and just South of this warm front where the best chance for severe weather lies. WARM FRONT

The NWS still has most of West Central Ohio under a slight risk for severe weather, with better chances mainly North of Route 30 closer to the warm front.


Because of the presence of the warm front just to our North, very warm and moist conditions have been allowed to work into the region. The warm front acts as a trigger for showers and thunderstorms, especially later this afternoon and evening. But because this front is off to the North of us into Southern Michigan, our chance for severe storms is not as high as into parts of extreme NW Ohio and Southern Michigan. In these areas closer to the front there is also a chance for an isolated tornado or two. The warm front not only acts as a trigger for storms but it also creates a change in wind direction near the surface which helps to create possible rotating thunderstorms. Here is a look at where the NWS has highlighted a low-end chance for a tornado. Notice it is along the warm front.


Our biggest threat here in West Central Ohio will be the possibility of damaging wind, and to a lesser extent hail. BUT an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out!

Short term models confirm that the majority of the activity will form mainly along route 30 and North into this afternoon and evening. Here is a look at the predicted radar by about 6 PM this evening.


All in all, with MUCH warmer and humid conditions and a warm front in the region there is an elevated risk for strong to severe storms this afternoon and evening. I’ll be watching very closely!





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