A Little Bit Of Everything This July!

Here we are, almost at the end of July and temperatures aren’t exactly feeling very July-like! After bottoming out this past week on Wednesday at 73 degrees in Lima, temperatures have been slowly creeping back up the past few days to a whopping 79 degrees on Friday, still about 5 degrees below average for this time of year. Not that many are complaining though. We started off the month of July with 8 out of 10 days with measurable rain totaling nearly 5 inches here at the TV station! That was followed by a 6 day streak (14th to 19th) of 90+ degree heat! So we had the wet, then we had the heat, so I guess it only makes sense that now we have the cool! A little bit of everything this July!

Our cold streak to end the month will come thanks to a couple of strong cold fronts moving through the region within the same week. The first was on Tuesday, and the second will move through during the first half of the day Saturday. As you can see here, the front should be to the East of Lima along with scattered showers and thunderstorms by early Saturday evening.

The Cold Front East Of Lima by 5 or 6 PM Saturday

The Cold Front East Of Lima by 5 or 6 PM Saturday

We’ll feel the cooler temperatures into Sunday as another big trough in the jet stream builds into the Great Lakes. Anytime we se this type of dip in the jet over our region during the Summer it’s a safe bet that temperatures will plummet.

Dip In The Jet Equals ChillyTemps For us!

Dip In The Jet Equals Chilly Temps For us!

We’ll be dry from Saturday evening through early next week, but the temperatures will feel more like Fall than Summer. Sunday morning temperatures will likely bottom out around 50 degrees with some locations possibly feeling temps in the upper 40’s!

Headed To Church Sunday Morning? You May Want A Light Jacket! Is This Summer?

Headed To Church Sunday Morning? You May Want A Light Jacket! Is This Summer?


But this is still Summer and we WILL warm again. Please join me at 10 and 11 this evening for all the details on the weekend and into next week!




Who Is Ready For Some Cooler Temperatures?

Thursday marks the 5th day in a row that we have reached at least 90 degrees here in Lima! As hot as it’s been, it’s still hard to compare to last summer when we had 3 days at or above 100 degrees in the month of July. Still though, it has been HOT outside! Once you get above 90 degrees, it all starts feeling the same to me anyways 🙂 We have one more day of this 90 degree heat before a cold front moves through tomorrow night bringing an end to this heat. Until then we are still under a HEAT ADVISORY for the entire region.


A Heat Advisory means…….

Heat Index Criteria

We will stay dry for the majority of he day Friday with more heat and humidity expected. But as a cold front approaches the region, showers and thunderstorms will move in out of the North after the sun sets. Because of this, The National Weather Service has basically the Northern Half of the viewing area under a SLIGHT RISK for severe storms.


Current forecast models have a cold front moving through the region during the overnight hours Friday into Saturday morning. This is not an IDEAL time for storm development due to the fact that it will not be during the daytime when we have peak heating. However, the threat for severe weather will still have to be monitored due to the fact that the front moving through is a pretty strong one (for July standards). Here is where the front and associated thunderstorms are expected to be by about 11 PM Friday evening.

Kyle RPM 12KM Futurecast

Again, as the front moves towards us into the overnight hours, I would expect any storms along it to begin to weaken. But we still do have the possibility of seeing some strong storms, maybe a few severe, as the front moves through. We’ll look to stay dry up until after sunset Friday, and then all eyes will be on any storms developing along the front as it moves through. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!

The good news is that once the front clears the region, we are in for some MUCH more comfortable weather. Join me at 10 and 11 tonight with all the details on Your Hometown Lima Stations!


ONE more chance for severe weather, then FINALLY drying out!

A cold front will push through West Central Ohio early this afternoon sparking off one more round of showers and thunderstorms in the region. This front isn’t a very strong one, but the air mass it is running into is a VERY warm and humid one. Showers and thunderstorms are already beginning to form into parts of Illinois and Indiana along this front as seen here…..

Current NWS

Current short term models have these storms organizing into a squall line and moving through the region in between the 1 and 3 PM timeframe. Here is a look at the PREDICTED radar around 2 PM.

hrrr wed

With temperatures in the 80’s and dew points in the low 70’s (flat out tropical!) these storms should have no problem finding fuel. Damaging winds will be the biggest threat as they pass through with the highest probability of damaging winds mainly centered over Ohio.

Day 1 WIND

PLEASE tune in for the noon show on Your Hometown Lima Stations, Brian Schroeder will have the latest on these storms!

These storms will be out of here by 4 or 5 o-clock this evening. After that, we are in for some MUCH needed dry weather here in the region. Things will drastically calm down towards the weekend with a lot of harmless sunshine in the forecast 🙂