Wakeboarding And The Warrior Dash!

The past couple of weekends I have had the chance to take advantage of some really nice weather and get outside to really enjoy the outdoors! One of the things I did (thanks to our meteorologist Wes Houx) was wakeboarding! IF you know anything about me, you know that I love to ski, so I thought wakeboarding might be an easy thing to pick up during the summer months to make up for my ski withdrawals! Little did I know that wakeboarding would be VERY tough to learn! Our weekend meteorologist Wes Houx is a HUGE wakeboarder and makes trips to Indian Lake on a regular basis to have some fun. So a couple of Sundays ago, we headed out to the lake bright and early with an air temperature of 53 degrees at about 7:30 AM!

Indian Lake! Air temperature, 53 degrees! Water temperature, 75

Indian Lake! Air temperature, 53 degrees! Water temperature, 75

Wes in his element!

Wes In His Element!

If you have ever been water skiing, wakeboarding is just like the snowboarding equivalent of water sports. You are being pulled between 20 and 25 mph by a boat and riding mostly in between the “wake” of the vessel. Sounds easy right? It’s not! BY FAR the hardest part about learning to wakeboard is getting up and out of the water. Learning how to balance yourself and your board while being pulled at 20 mph by a very powerful boat is no easy task! I literally was pulled (and failed) to get up and out of the water about 20 times or so before I was finally able to get my balance and wakeboard. Every time you fail you either face plant into the water or are  jerked very roughly by the boat as you try to hold on for dear life. Needless to say I was VERY sore the following days. But after a couple of hours of falling down over and over again I finally got it and was able to stand up and ride along behind the boat!!!



I still have a  LONG way to go though, Wes Houx has been at this for quite some time and makes it look VERY easy!

Wes Makes This Look Easy

Wes Makes This Look Easy, Getting Some Air!

This is something I will hopefully continue to do in the future, it was A LOT of fun!!!

The other outdoor event that I am more familiar with is the Warrior Dash! This is the second year in a row that I ran the event and once again, it didn’t disappoint! Basically the Warrior Dash is a 5k run with about 10 to 15 different obstacles throughout the course. Some of the obstacles included swimming over logs and barriers in a lake (all with your shoes on) jumping over fire and making your way through a mud pit at the very end or the race.

Mud Pit

I ran the race with a bunch of my family members this year, it really makes for quite the good time! Here we all are afterward soaked from head to toe in mud!

Group Dash

Looks like fun right?

Hopefully you all are getting the chance to be outdoors and enjoy the summer weather as much as I am!



One thought on “Wakeboarding And The Warrior Dash!

  1. Great story Kyle! Good luck on your future adventures out on the water. I’m sure Wes will teach you how to get air time soon.

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