Late August Heat With Storms Possible Tuesday!

There hasn’t been a SINGLE 90 degree day so far yet this August in Lima, but that may be changing by the end of the week with daytime highs expected to flirt with 90 degrees all week-long. The anticipated heat is thanks to a STRONG area of high pressure that has settled into the Midwest. This area of high pressure will meander over the Central part of the U.S. for the next few days keeping any thunderstorm activity contained to the outer edge of the system. This is a pattern we see quite often during the Summer months, it sets up what we call a “ring of fire” pattern  with showers and thunderstorms riding along the periphery of the high.

The "Ring Of Fire" Setting Up For The Next Few Days

The “Ring Of Fire” Setting Up For The Next Few Days

Since West Central Ohio is right on the edge of this system, we could potentially be in line for any developing showers and thunderstorms riding around the high. The National Weather Service has us under a “slight risk” for severe weather on Tuesday for this very reason.

Slight Risk Area For Severe Weather Tuesday

Slight Risk Area For Severe Weather Tuesday

Where and when these clusters of showers and thunderstorms develop in situations like this is very difficult to pinpoint at this time, but the SET UP is there! Temperatures tomorrow will near 90 degrees and there will be plenty of fuel in the atmosphere to maintain potential storms. Situations similar to this in the past have produced storms with mainly a damaging wind concern and to a lesser extent hail. Tornadoes are not usually a big concern in situations like this, but again, you can never rule out an isolated spin up.

My Severe Threat Outlook For Tuesday

My Severe Outlook For Tuesday

As is the case with most severe weather, I’ll be looking towards the afternoon and evening during peak daytime heating for any storms to develop! I’ll have more tonight at 10 and 11 on Your Hometown Lima Stations!



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