Winter Is Near, We Must Fight Weather Hype!

I’m writing this blog post in order to fill everyone in on a little secret, there is a TON of hype out there when it comes to weather forecasts. And thanks to social media, it’s only getting worse!

For example, exactly one week from now the GFS 7 AM model from today is showing 6 INCHES of snow on the ground for parts of West Central Ohio…

Next Wednesday Snow

It’s only a matter of time before I see people on various social media outlets posting to their page claiming that this will no doubt come to fruition. Let me be clear, claims like this 7 DAYS OUT make me want to grab my computer and chuck it out the window!

I’ll be honest with you, is there a chance this could actually happen? Sure! Just like there is a chance I’ll still have the opportunity to play basketball in the NBA. (well maybe the NBA thing is a much smaller chance, but you see my point?)

Show me a meteorologist that can pinpoint an area and amount of snow fall with high confidence 7 days out, and I’ll show you one of the BEST meteorologists that ever lived. It can’t be done! Forecast models change over time, and they certainly will over the next seven days leading up to next Wednesday. Could we see snow then, absolutely! Can I say that with high confidence right now, NO! Which is why you won’t hear me saying anything about it on air at this point.

Going back to my earlier comment about social media, it isn’t always negative when it comes to stuff like this! There are MANY great meteorologists out there that do an excellent job of handling situations like this. No hype, just facts! It’s my hope that people who read it posts like this on Facebook or Twitter will take the time to read the entire post. If you only take away one thing from this post, I hope it’s this. Headlines can be deceiving, they are designed to get your attention, please never stop at the headline! Click on that link in the FB or Twitter post that directs you to the meat and potatoes of the story whether it be a website or a blog post like this one!

Also, don’t be afraid to question who your weather updates are coming from. As I said earlier, there are a lot of people out there who will post anything for likes and shares!

With all this in mind, I hope to continue writing in-depth blog posts on this site in an effort to help people better understand the weather! If we’re looking at a big snow you can be sure to find an update about it here. It just won’t be 7 days out! 🙂



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