An Early December Warm Up!

We had a CHILLY end to the month of November that had many (including myself) wondering if this was truly the end of any more warm weather here in West Central Ohio! As a matter of fact, we hit 66 degrees here in Lima on November 17th and ever since temperatures have been 50 degrees or below! But with highs near 50 degrees today, the temperature trend so far this week has been going up with the forecast for Wednesday looking even warmer!

A look at WARMER temps around 4 PM Wednesday!

A look at WARMER temps around 4 PM Wednesday!

60 degrees is definitely in reach on Wednesday, but we will quickly be reminded of the fact that it is December in Ohio and colder temperatures are almost inevitable this time of year. If we look at the national temperature map we can see the pocket of arctic air beginning to build into the Pacific Northwest. It’s only a matter of time before that air mass get here…

Colder air mass waiting in the wings.....

Colder air mass waiting in the wings…..

And with this colder air, you guessed it, will come the possibility of accumulating snow Thursday night into Friday. As of now I think forecast models may be coming in a little too aggressive on snowfall amounts with the NAM model showing a swath of 6 to 8 inches of snow into Central Ohio and Indiana Thursday night and Friday.


Again this model is too aggressive in my opinion. Even the GFS model seems a little high for the region, but it does keep the higher snow amounts South which is more what I’m forecasting for Thursday night and Friday.


AS OF NOW, i’m thinking West Central Ohio is in line for more 2 to 4 inches of snow thursday night into Friday. This is still a bit early, but I think the above computer models will drop in the coming days. Stay tuned!



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