BIG Cool Down Coming (And Some Snow Too!)

Did everyone enjoy temperatures today close to 60 degrees? I sure did! But I’m not getting used to them, we are in for quite the cool down beginning Thursday. As a cold front moves through the region temperatures will be falling through the day on Thursday with readings in the upper 30’s by the evening. As the front moves through light rain will switch to sleet and snow shortly after nightfall. We can see the wintry mix on Futurecast as we head into the late evening hours Thursday.

Late Thursday Snow

It looks as if the precipitation that falls Thursday evening and Thursday night will be primarily sleet and snow. It’s during this timeframe, when the first wave of precipitation moves through that I think we’ll see the majority of our accumulating snow and sleet. We’re not going to have to worry about freezing rain for this storm.

Kyle Snow Totals

The second wave of snow will come during the day on Friday, but the latest computer models have this snow staying mostly to the South of West Central Ohio. Here is a look at our Futurecast early Friday afternoon, notice the snow is mainly to the South of us. Areas like Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati will pick up the majority of their snow during this time.

Kyle RPM 12KM Futurecast

Now that it looks as if the majority of the snow will stay to our South on Friday that I have backed off on my snowfall totals forecast. Of course, this could still change, so you know I’ll be paying close attention tomorrow! And oh yea, get ready for some CHILLY temperatures to follow into the weekend! Stay tuned!



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