Record Cold Temperatures Settle Into West Central Ohio

The Winter of ’13/’14 has been quite the active one so far! Heavy snow in parts of West Central Ohio has led to RECORD setting temperatures for all of us to start the week!

Thanks to some warmer air pulled up into West Central Ohio with this system on Sunday, our southern and eastern counties ended up seeing rain for a good part of Sunday while others saw VERY heavy snow.

Here is a look at what the radar looked like at about 5 PM on Sunday with the rain snow line practically splitting West Central Ohio in half.

Sunday 5 PM

A few forecast models were showing this potential on Friday, which is why my overall totals for the region were lowered. By the time the rain snow line shifted east by Sunday evening the heavier snow had moved out.

Most of us did end up seeing accumulating snow, but the range of snowfall totals here in West Central Ohio was HUGE thanks to a rain/snow line that set up right through the viewing area. Had this line shifted only 50 to 75 miles further Northwest, ALL of us would have seen MUCH less snow, probably less than 2 or 3 inches total and mostly rain!

Here is what we ended up with in the region from Sunday. Notice higher amounts north and west and lower amounts further south and east.

Snow-rain totals

Snow-rain totals 2

While all of us didn’t get the heavy snow, we are ALL feeling some of the coldest temperatures the region has felt in over a decade! Temperatures throughout the day on Monday settled into the -5 to -15 range! Wind chill values in the region have been anywhere from 30 to 45 below ZERO! Because of this we are under a WIND CHILL WARNING until 8 PM TUESDAY.

CWA Watch

Since we rarely see wind chills this cold, here are a few interesting facts about wind chill.

Winter Weather What to Expect

You may not have known that wind chill is a measurement that only applies to people and animals! Wind chill does NOT effect an object like your car. The wind chill can help cool off inanimate objects like a car radiator very quickly, but the temperature of the object will NEVER drop below the actual air temperature!

By the end of the week we’ll finally feel back to “average” for this time of year. We still have one more day of these bitter cold temperatures. When I came into work today I decided to have some fun with these rare readings 🙂 Check this out! I took some near boiling water and tossed it up into the air, it almost immediately crystalized and evaporated. Basically, when you have water that is near boiling it is already close to being steam (or evaporating) so when you introduce it to a VERY dry and cold air mass, it almost immediately evaporates! The BIGGER the difference between the water temperature and the air temperature= the faster you get this effect! It’s a really cool experiment to do! You can probably even pull it off on Tuesday with highs still expected to below zero.




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