Cold, Alberta Clippers, Snow and More!

Who is sick of this cold? I know I am, but considering the past two mild Winters that we have had here I guess we were due, right? As I am writing this post the temperature in Lima is 1 degree with a wind chill of -18°! I’m honestly a big fan of the Winter, but enough is enough! Unfortunately we still have quite a ways to go with VERY cold air and more snow on the way!

Let’s start with the present, as of now we are under a Wind Chill Advisory until 1 PM Friday. This means that wind chills in the region will be anywhere from 15 to 25 below zero during that time! BRRRRRR!

CWA Watch

By now I feel like a broken record but, GUESS WHAT? We have two more Alberta Clippers headed our way this upcoming weekend. Just in case you were wondering what exactly that is, an Alberta Clipper is a quickly moving are of low pressure that develops over or near (wait for it) the province of Alberta, Canada.

Alberta is over 1,500 miles away, but it has a BIG impact on our weather!

Alberta is over 1,500 miles away, but it has a BIG impact on our weather!

This is all thanks to a DEEP trough in the jet stream over the eastern half of the country! Translation, COLD weather for the eastern half of the country! This opens the door WIDE open for cold air and Alberta Clippers to invade! These systems simply just hitch a ride on the polar jet stream and move southeast!

With all the buzz words I have heard this Winter like "Polar Vortex" and "Bombogenesis" I think I'll call this the "Clipper Canal" ;)

With all the buzz words I have heard this Winter like “Polar Vortex” and “Bombogenesis” I think I’ll call this the “Clipper Canal” 😉

This pattern will hold through most of next week, which means we will continue to deal with clipper systems moving through! The next one will move in Friday night bringing 2 to 4 inches of snow by Saturday morning. Winds will pick up through the day on Friday with snow moving into West Central Ohio by about 10 PM.

9 PM Fri

By about 1 or 2 AM Saturday morning snow will overspread the region.

1 AM Sat

This will lead to windy conditions on Saturday with blowing snow through the day. Another clipper is set to move in on Sunday and will likely bring yet another 2 to 4 inches of snow! This clipper will be followed by another blast of cold air early next week with overnight lows Monday and Tuesday night well below zero!

Are you sick of Winter yet?

Here are a few interesting stats so far this winter……

1) We have had 28 1/2 inches of snow so far since our first snow in November. We average about 36 inches for the season. We are well on track to have above average snow.

2) Last Winter we had about 35 inches of total snow in Lima

3) Including tonight, we have had 6 nights with lows that dropped below zero in the month of January ALONE! We didn’t even drop below zero a SINGLE time in the previous two winter seasons!

4) IF (and this is a BIG if!) we keep this pace of snowfall, by the time winter is over with (March 20th) we could top 70 inches of snow for the season!









One thought on “Cold, Alberta Clippers, Snow and More!

  1. In the part where you discussed the “trough” etc. where the Clippers travel, I think you meant they travel southeast, not southwest? But don’t worry–I won’t take that off your grade! LOL

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