March Winter Storm Update For West Central Ohio

Are you sick of hearing me say, “here we go again” yet? It’s hard to believe that following the 60+ degree day we had here in West Central Ohio today we’ll be looking at accumulating snow tomorrow! The National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Warnings that will go into effect at 2 AM Wednesday.

CWA Watch

It will be relatively calm up until about 3 or 4 AM this morning when we’ll hear some heavy rain move in. We might even hear some THUNDER too!

Future 1

By sunrise Wednesday this rain will quickly transition over to WET snow here in West Central Ohio with temperatures rapidly falling into the 30’s by 7 or 8 Wednesday morning. By that time, most of us will be seeing snow.

Future 2

It’s from about 8 AM to Noon when we will see the heaviest snow in the region. With temperatures reaching above 60 degrees today, the snow will initially have trouble sticking to the warm ground. It’s in our northern counties where rain will switch to snow earlier in the morning Wednesday where higher snow totals will be seen.

While in the beginning the snow will have a harder time sticking South of route 30, it looks as if this system will pack enough of a punch to easily overcome the warmer temperatures. I expect the snow to begin to taper off by late afternoon. Here is what I expect to be on the ground by the evening Wednesday.

Kyle Snow Totals

As far as the timing of the system is concerned…..

Winter Weather What to Expect

And your outdoor impacts…..

Driving Impacts To Expect

The light at the end of the tunnel? It will be 50 by Friday again! This snow will not be sticking around for long!



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