Welcome To Spring, But I’m Still Talking About Snow!

We are about a week into Spring now, but here in West Central Ohio the temperatures have been WELL below average for the past four days only topping out in the low to mid 30’s when our seasonal average is in the low 50’s.

Don’t worry though, I have said it before and I’ll say it again, this time of year is a TRANSITIONAL time. It is not at all uncommon to get a stretch of weather into the 60’s and 70’s just as it isn’t out of the ordinary to see fresh snow (just like we did on Tuesday!)

As we head into the weekend we’ll deal with a variety of weather here in West Central Ohio. We WILL warm up for Thursday and Friday, but that warmth will come with rain and even a few thunderstorms.

A warm front will lift through the region on Thursday bringing on and off rain to West Central Ohio. This likely will not be an all day event, but expect rain to begin to move into the region by the early afternoon hours.

Thursday 1

A cold front will also begin to move towards West Central Ohio into Friday morning. Along this cold front some severe weather will be possible earlier in the day, but this activity will stay well to our West.

Thursday 2


By the time the front passes through here in West Central Ohio any severe weather that had formed along the front will have weakened significantly or dissipated, so the threat here is very low into Friday morning. We could still however hear a few rumbles of thunder, but I expect any storms that impact West Central Ohio to stay tame.


While it looks like we will make it through this storm without any severe weather, as we head into April and May it will become more and more of a threat. Here is a really cool graphic by the National Weather Service that shows severe weather probabilities throughout the country on a week by week basis! Really Cool Animation Showing Severe Weather Probabilities Across The Country

With on and off rain expected from early Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, we can generally anticipate about 3/10′ to 7/10″ of rain to fall during that time.

Kyle Future Rainfall

After that system departs by Friday afternoon I’ll begin to shift my attention to another one that could bring SNOW back to the region on Saturday.

Forecast models are indicating a quickly moving area of low pressure that will move just to the south of West Central Ohio early Saturday that could bring a rain snow mix.


This system looks like it could have the potential to drop 1-2 inches of snow on us during the day on Saturday, but I’m VERY skeptical because of how warm it will be.

I definitely think that we’ll see some snow on Saturday, but this snow will have a tough time sticking to the ground with temperatures in the 50’s the previous two days and highs on Saturday in the low 40’s. Either way, if you were hoping the snow you saw on Tuesday was the last of the season, you might be a little disappointed on Saturday! Be sure to check back for updates, I’ll be watching!







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