Make Sure You’re Prepared For Severe Weather!

Now that we’re into the Spring season, it’s a GREAT time of the year to go over some of the essentials when it comes to severe weather!

The first reminder is the basics of a WATCH and WARNING whenever severe weather threatens.

A Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado WATCH means conditions are FAVORABLE for the development of severe weather. A WARNING means that a storm is IMMINENT or actually OCCURING!

Watch V Warning

Remembering basic severe weather safety should be a TOP priority as well!

Lightning Safety

Tornado Safety

Here in West Central Ohio we can see severe weather in April, but the season here doesn’t really begin to peak until Late May. The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center has some very cool graphics that display when and where the severe threat is the highest during the course of the year. The overall severe threat peaks in late June/early July here in West Central Ohio

Severe Probs

However, the peak of our best chances for a tornado are about a month earlier in late May/early June.

Twister Probs

For MUCH more on these maps check out the link here. This is definitely a VERY informational website to look at 🙂










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