April 15th Snow!

I’m waiting to hear the resounding cheer from all around West Central Ohio for this blog post! (sarcasm) But yes, we will indeed see some snow overnight thanks to a strong cold front moving through the region.

Rain will begin to switch over to sleet and snow overnight as temperatures fall off a cliff into the upper 20’s tonight for a low.

Future 1

By about 3 or 4 AM, most of us should see all snow here in West Central Ohio.

Future 2

The snow will be out of here by 8 or 9 Tuesday morning.

Future 3

So how much will this all add up too? The latest computer model guidance has been very bullish on snowfall amounts with some forecasting upwards of 4 inches of snow on the ground by noon Tuesday! This is NOT going to happen, the ground is too warm. Initially the snow will not stick, it will just melt away on contact. Because of this we’ll lose 1 or 2 inches just from immediate melting alone. Remember, we had temperatures close to 80 degrees this weekend, soil temperatures are anywhere from 50 to 60 degrees here in Ohio! Once it does start to stick we’ll very likely see anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of snow that will QUICKLY begin to melt with any sunshine Tuesday.

Kyle Snow Totals

The southeastern part of the viewing area in the 1 to 3 inch range may end up seeing a little more snow as well due to higher elevations! Because of this, rain may switch over to snow a little more quickly thus leading to higher accumulations.

Don’t worry though, this snow really has no chance of sticking around for long! Temperatures will be back above 60 by Thursday 🙂






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