Early Week Severe Weather Threat Update For West Central Ohio

Widespread severe weather is expected today across the central part of the United States with strong winds, hail and even several tornadoes possible. For us here in Ohio, this threat will not impact us for our Sunday.

Storm Prediction Center Severe Weather Outlook For The Rest Of Sunday

Storm Prediction Center Severe Weather Outlook For The Rest Of Sunday

In my previous post seen here I talked about how moisture would need to surge far enough north for us to see a legit chance for severe weather. After looking at the latest data, it appears that as this system slowly moves east on Monday it will pull up enough moisture into Ohio on Monday to warrant a close watch for any potential severe weather.

It looks as if a warm front will settle just to the south of West Central Ohio on Monday, this front will be the boundary for some rich moisture that will help to fuel any potential for strong to severe thunderstorms.


Along this front and close to the area of low pressure that you see over Western Illinois is where the best chance for severe weather on Monday will be.

Here is a look at the Storm Prediction Center’s current outlook for Monday. Notice that West Central Ohio is just on the northern edge of s SLIGHT risk area for severe weather.

Day 2

It won’t be until late afternoon/evening when I’ll start to really look for a legit severe weather threat here in West Central Ohio. A lot of it depends on how far north that warm front can make it along with how warm temperatures can rise.

Here is a look at PROJECTED radar late tomorrow afternoon/evening. Notice storms generally to the south and west of West Central Ohio along the warm frontal boundary. These will definitely need to be watched!

RPM Monday

What do I think?

Overall I think this is still a pretty low overall threat for severe weather. But I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow evening there were a few strong, maybe severe thunderstorms in West Central Ohio. An isolated damaging wind threat is a possibility along with some hail. The chance for an isolated tornado is low. Keep an eye to the sky and keep up to date on all the latest watches and warnings!



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