Tuesday Severe Weather UPDATE

A slight risk for severe weather is still in the cards for West Central Ohio for this afternoon and evening


After looking at the latest model data it still appears as if scattered thunderstorms will develop to our southwest and move northeast late this evening

Here is a look at current radar. The area of showers over Southern Indiana will strengthen and move northeast into parts of West Central Ohio later this evening.

Current Radar

Looking at both the current dew point and wind shear across Ohio, it appears as if the greatest threat for severe storms will be focused more towards North Central Ohio and just to the East of West Central Ohio. Here’s why:

Current dew point values are still struggling here in West Central Ohio only around 50 degrees. Higher dew points are focused more to the east of us.

State Dew Point

Wind shear is greater further east as well.


It is where both the dew point (moisture) and wind shear are higher where any storms moving in out of the south will have a better chance at becoming severe. Here is a look at our Futurecast later this evening.

By about 7 PM showers and thunderstorms will begin moving in out of the South.

Future 1

By about 9 PM it’s clear based on our Futurecast that storms look to be more intense where higher moisture and shear exist.

Future 2

By 1 AM Wednesday morning a similar picture can be seen.

Future 3

My thoughts:

While a strong or severe storm can’t be ruled out. I believe that the best ingredients for any severe weather here in Ohio later this evening will be focused mainly to the EAST of I-75. Damaging wind would be the biggest concern. Be sure to tune in at 5 and 6 for all the latest on our developing weather!





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