2014 Severe Weather Season, So Far…

I’ll get right to the point, it’s been slow for severe weather thus far this year here in West Central Ohio! (everyone knock on wood right now!) As a matter of fact, according to the NWS office in Northern Indiana (they warn storms for Van Wert, Paulding, Defiance, Putnam, Henry and Allen counties) as of the middle of June, 2014 was on pace to be a record low year for severe weather!

NWS Slow Start

Statistically speaking, this last week of June is typically when West Central Ohio has the best chance for severe weather. As we head into the beginning of July the chance gradually begins to taper off. Here is a graphic from the NWS that shows the probability for severe weather within 25 miles of any point for the last week of June.

NWS Severe Chances

As I mentioned, once we head into July the chance begins to drop off.

NWS July Chance

If you want to see more on our chance for severe weather on a week to week basis, check out this link here.

Here is another cool link that paints a more nation wide picture of how the 2014 severe weather season has panned out so far. 2014 NWS Severe Weather Summary

It looks as if the rest of June will be pretty calm as far as severe weather is concerned with just pop up variety showers and thunderstorms expected into this weekend. Anytime there are storms in the region our new weather app is a great way to track storms!


Have a great weekend everyone!






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