Severe Thunderstorms Possible This Weekend

After a couple of beautiful days here in West Central Ohio it’s time to introduce another chance for storms in the forecast, and unfortunately this time its coming over the weekend 😦

We’ll start off on Saturday with the chance of a few isolated showers (maybe a rumble of thunder) as a warm front lifts north through the region. I would think that these showers should remain pretty isolated in the region.

Future 1

By late in the day the warm front will lift far enough north that it should keep any showers or thunderstorms confined to the north with it. So overall, MOST, if not all of our Saturday should be dry with temperatures in the mid 80’s expected! It’s going to be a little more hot and humid!

Future 2

It’s a cold front moving through on Sunday that has sparked some concern for severe weather here in Ohio. First, here is a look at the NWS’s Storm Prediction Center’s outlook for severe weather on Sunday


Ok, now back to the cold front! This front will begin to move in early in the day and will likely bring with it widely scattered showers and thunderstorms to the region. We’ll probably start the day off on Sunday on a wet note.

Future 3

As things destabilize a bit later in the day a broken line of potentially strong to severe storms are expected to develop along the cold front as it moves south. As you can see here by the latest model run of our Futurecast, it looks as if this line of storms may indeed develop just to the south of us, more towards the Dayton area.

Future 4

If the cold front moves through by the afternoon hours as shown in the pictures above, our chance for severe weather would be pretty low. However, if the front slows down a bit, it would be passing through West Central Ohio during peak daytime hours and thus would give us a much better chance for severe storms. It’s still a bit too early to say, but it’s something to watch for sure.

As of now I’m going to stick with our Futurecast model showing a quicker passage of a cold front on Sunday. That would give us a very good chance for rain through about 2 or 3 PM with dwindling chances later in the day. In this scenario the threat for severe weather would be pretty low. Here is a look at my break down of severe weather threats for Sunday.


Again, I’ll be watching to see if the cold front slows a bit and gives us a better chance for a few severe thunderstorms.

One thing is for sure, once the cold front passes to our South we’ll begin to feel a MUCH cooler air mass settle in. Monday will still be around 80 for a high, but by Tuesday and Wednesday temperatures will STRUGGLE to break the 70 degree mark! This is thanks to a deep southern dive in the jet stream over the Great Lakes region that will allow these colder temperatures to filter in out of the north.


You may have heard of this as the Polar Vortex making a return. I personally hate that terminology, especially in July (Here’s why) One thing is for sure though, temperatures next week will likely be about 15 degrees below average for this time of year.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Again, if you haven’t downloaded our Weather App you should definitely check it out! It’s a wonderful tool for tracking storms and getting our latest forecasts!







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