A Very Short Lived Warm Up!

Believe it or not, we have yet to hit 90 degrees here in Lima a SINGLE time so far this July! That could be changing tomorrow, but if we don’t get there on Tuesday, the chances are looking slim for the remainder of the month. Not only will it be hot on Tuesday, but it will also be very humid with dew point temperatures expected to reach up into the low 70’s during the day! That would give us possible heat indices approaching the 95 to 100 degree mark during the afternoon and early evening. Here are a look at the predicted dew points by late tomorrow afternoon.

Future Dew Points

As I mentioned earlier, if we don’t hit 90 on Tuesday, it’s possible we may go the entire month of July without reaching the milestone! A strong cold front will move through Tuesday night and Wednesday morning that will drop our temperatures 10 to 15 degrees by the end of the week!

The front won’t begin to affect the region until after sunset on Tuesday, and even then, we’ll probably just see an increase in clouds as it approaches. By Tuesday evening at 11 PM the cold front will be well off to our NW.

Future 1

Since the front is moving through overnight I’m not concerned about severe weather. We’ll probably hear some thunder late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning though.

Future 2

By early afternoon on Wednesday the cold front will likely be through and to the south and east of us. This should keep our best rain chance focused through the early afternoon on Wednesday with clearing possible late in the day.

Future 3

I’m not holding my breath on this front either as far as rainfall is concerned. Forecast models are generally showing less than a quarter of an inch by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Kyle Future Rainfall

Stay cool tomorrow everyone!



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