Will We Hit 90 Degrees This Summer?

We still have yet to hit 90 degrees this summer and now that were into the month of September we’re really beginning to run out of chances! The good news it that if you do want a 90 degree day we have a shot later this week on Friday before another cold front moves through bringing a cool down into the weekend.

Temperatures AND dew points will continue to rise here on Thursday with highs creeping into the mid 80’s, but more importantly, dew point readings potentially into the low 70’s. That will make it feel MUCH more muggy outside on Thursday.

Future Dew Points

We’ll hang onto those high dew points on Friday with temperatures expected to top out near 90 degrees! As of now, my forecasted high is at 89 degrees. But I would not be surprised if a few locations here in West Central Ohio were able to reach 90! Here’s a look at projected temperatures by early Friday afternoon.

Future Temperatures

All this heat and humidity will be wiped away thanks to a cold front late Friday with a round of showers and thunderstorms moving through. As of now, Futurecast shows the cold front moving through late Friday afternoon into Friday evening. And with a hot and humid air mass in place, there is a good chance scattered showers and thunderstorms will be present late in the day.

Kyle RPM 12KM Futurecast

Any time a cold front is moving through a primed air mass like the one that will be in place on Friday, I naturally look to see if there will be any threat for severe weather. CAPE will be high here in West Central Ohio on Friday thanks to the heat and humidity, meaning that there will be plenty of POTENTIAL energy to work with as the front moves through. CAPE values by late Friday afternoon will likely easily exceed 2,000 J/Kg which is plenty to develop scattered showers and thunderstorms along the cold front moving through.

CAPE Friday

So we’ll have the CAPE but will we have the wind shear to back it up? The short answer is NO.

Most of the higher wind shear will be present well north of the cold front moving through. When you get the combination of high wind shear, high CAPE and a trigger (cold front) you usually have a legitimate threat for severe weather. On Friday afternoon and evening we’ll have 2 of the 3. Here is a look at the highest wind shear values late Friday afternoon, notice the highest wind shear is WELL north of the Southern Great Lakes.

GFS Friday Shear

Without the wind shear present we’ll still get thunderstorms late Friday thanks to the passing front and high CAPE, and sure, a few of them could produce some isolated damaging wind. But overall, the threat for severe weather looks pretty low thanks to very low wind shear. Either way it is still expected to be potentially stormy Friday night, so if you’re planning on heading out to a game be sure to keep an eye to the sky! You can also download our NEW weather app so track any storms moving through on your phone.


I’ll be sure to keep you updated!




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