Beach Trip With A Baby!

This past week my wife and I took a trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina with our 7 month old little girl. First off, if you’re wondering where Ocean Isle Beach is, it’s about 30 miles or so to the north of Myrtle Beach just over the border into North Carolina.


Of course we were a little bit nervous, but our little girl, August was a champ on the trip down! Packing a beach trip for a baby adds all kinds of new elements to think about when getting ready. But out of all the things we brought, this baby beach tent may have been the most clutch. It worked out perfectly to help shade her from the sun and get her out of the sand when she was tired 🙂

Beach tent


The weather was kind of what you might expect for late September, there were a few days of sun and 80 degree weather followed by a few days of showers and temperatures in the upper 60’s. But that didn’t stop us from getting out to the beach on most days to enjoy some nice time as a family. As you can see in the picture below, someone was pretty pumped to be at the beach.


It’s always great to get away for a bit, but we’re glad to be back. Here are a few more shots from our trip.

meg feeds august







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