Weather Buzz Words To Avoid! My Personal Reason For A No Hype Approach To The Weather

Ask anyone who knows me well, I have been crazy about the weather since a very young age. However what many of you might not know is how my love of weather was eventually cultivated. Simply put, from about three or four years old through most of my elementary school years (maybe even middle school) I was scared to death of thunderstorms and tornadoes. It wasn’t just your typical scared, like I’m just going to worry for a few minutes scared, it was absolutely frozen in fear all day long scared if I knew thunderstorms or severe weather were possible. This fear isn’t something I like to freely admit, but it plays a huge role in how I look to communicate weather now as an adult.

It was that fear of bad weather that led me to read anything and everything I could get my hands on about the weather when I was a kid; it was an obsession.  Learning about the weather led me to more thoroughly understand it, and because of that education and understanding my fears faded away!

When I sound the alarm, I want people to listen. In my eight years in the business one of my core beliefs is that if I go around yelling “the sky is falling” people will eventually trust me and my forecasts. Unfortunately this takes time, and more and more in this industry people want things now, we want clicks now and we want things shared, you guessed it, right now! It’s simple to see in the media, the more doom and gloom included in weather forecasts, the quicker one can build an audience. I wholeheartedly reject this idea. Why you may ask? Because I simply put myself in my shoes, when I was a kid. How would 10-year-old Kyle react to all this hype talk that can so easily be seen and shared on the internet? Trust me, I assure that it would have made me lose my mind! In a way, I’m glad I grew up during a time without the internet, I would have driven myself nuts with all the over hyped talk that’s out there in the weather world today.

So basically, it’s personal to me. If I have to talk about severe weather or that big snow storm headed our way, I’m always going to try to do it in a calm manner. In the back of my head I’m always talking to 10-year-old Kyle, and I don’t want to give him any more anxiety over the weather than he already has.

So with that being said, you may have heard of some “extreme cold” weather headed our way next week. Forecast models point towards temperatures about 10 to 20 degrees below normal by Wednesday of next week. Sure, it’s going to be cold for this time of the year, but it’s November, and this time of year temperatures typically get cold! Just for kicks, here is a list of terms you may hear over the next week (if you already haven’t) that may indicate to you that things may be getting hyped up.

Kyle Buzz Words

Even though I’m a little embarrassed to admit how scared I was when I was a kid, I felt it necessary to share this story with you, especially headed into the winter months. The weather will be what it will be, and you can be sure that I’ll be working my best to give you a straight forward forecast.





5 thoughts on “Weather Buzz Words To Avoid! My Personal Reason For A No Hype Approach To The Weather

  1. Kyle, thank you so much for sharing this! I was born and raised in North Texas and still live with paralyzing fear over thunderstorms and tornadoes at 30. Good drugs and counseling help, but I really appreciate your no-hype approach to weather. I always tell people we’re buddies; you just don’t know it. 🙂 Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Thank you for sharing your personal story, Kyle. My son (who is now 23) was also scared beyond what was normal when he was young. If the wind was blowing slightly, he was afraid a tornado was imminent. Thunder storms were terrifying – he would panic if we were not home so that he could go down into the basement. He has outgrown the fear now, but you are right that the way some weather people overly dramatize weather conditions is likely to cause unnecessary trauma to children. Thank you for presenting an accurate and calm forecast of what we can honestly expect. I always enjoy your weather segments!!

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