A Cold November Followed By A Warm December?


Could it be? It’s certainly looking that way! After some bitter cold temperatures in November with almost 5 inches of total snow here in Lima, December is looking to buck the trend of colder temperatures.

Since our extremely cold winter last season, the overall weather pattern has not changed. We moved out of last winter into a cooler than average spring, followed by a cool summer and fall. With the cold November that we had all signs were pointing once again to another very cold and possibly snowy winter, but that may not be the case.

Over the next few weeks the jet stream looks as if it will RETREAT to the north! For us, this would mean above average temperatures and calmer weather. Without an active jet stream in the region, there simply won’t be much potential for any big storms that could bring either a lot of rain OR snow. Take a look at where models have been projecting the jet into the middle of December.

Jet Stream Mid December

The darker colors on the map indicate where the active areas of the jet stream will be, up and into Canada, which is also where the colder temperatures will look to stay.

It’s looking more and more likely that this pattern will play out over the next few weeks, and if this happens that would mean that temperatures would generally settle around 40 to 50 degrees for daytime highs. Here is the 8 to 14 day outlook from the NWS that further drives home the point that there is a good chance much of the country would be warmer than average into mid December.


REMEMBER though! Our December last year wasn’t particularly cold or snowy either. It wasn’t until January that we REALLY felt winters wrath!!!! This is something to watch for sure!




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