No Snow For Our December, So Far….

To me, the month of December has always been synonymous with snow. But that hasn’t been the case recently Here in West Central Ohio. No accumulating snow has dropped this month here in Lima through the first ten days of the month and it looks as if that will continue to be the trend, at least through this upcoming weekend.

But even though we haven’t had any snow so far this December, that doesn’t mean that snow will be low overall for the upcoming winter season. (remember, we’re technically not even into the winter season yet) I looked back on 2012, 2013 and 2014  here in Lima through the first 10 days of December, and surprisingly, in the last THREE years we have only had ONE inch of snow here in Lima. If you remember last winter, which I’m sure most of you do, a quiet start to December had no bearing on what ended up being a very cold and snowy season in which we saw 56 inches of total snow.

Looking at the overall weather pattern through mid December, warmer than average temperatures look to continue. Here is a look at the 8 to 14 day NWS forecast period leading up to Christmas Eve and the chance that temperatures will be above average.


So the probability that we’ll have a warmer than average December is looking good. But again, that doesn’t necessarily mean that will translate into January and beyond. You know I’ll be watching!




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