A Colder And Snowier Weather Pattern Headed Our Way?

In my last post I highlighted the fact that for the past three years here in Lima the beginning of December has been void of snow here in West Central Ohio. With Christmas less than a week and a half away, I’m already getting the question “will we see a white Christmas this year?” That question is still tough to answer with the holiday being over a week away, but the weather pattern is looking as if it will begin to shift towards cooler and potentially more snowy conditions later this week.

One thing is for sure, we certainly can’t expect to hold onto 50 degree weather (though I’m sure many of us wish we could) through the entire month of December. By the end of the week, a more active jet stream will look to settle into much of the country bringing colder air out of the north and increasing the frequency of storm potential leading into Christmas week.


The fact that a more active jet stream is anticipated by this weekend and into next week, along with the expected colder weather with temperatures into the 30’s once again leads me to believe that the chance for snow next week will be remarkably higher than what we have seen so far this December.

Looking at some of the forecast model trends today, there is will definitely be an increased chance for snow into the holiday week. REMEMBER, Christmas is still over a week away, but the forecasts are beginning to point to snow potential next week. A couple of models in particular are showing the potential for snow on Christmas Eve. It is still way to early to say how much but just know that the chance will be there! Here is a look at both the GFS and the European model that show a POTENTIAL storm moving through the Midwest at some point next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Euro Christmas Eve

GFS Christmas Eve

Both of these models have been consistent as of late in showing the potential for accumulating snow in the days leading up to the Christmas Holiday. AGAIN, it is still way to early to pin down snow amounts, I just wanted to let you know that the potential is there to see snow with this anticipated weather pattern shift 🙂

You know I’ll keep a close eye on it!


You can always track incoming storms on our weather app too!!!!



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