Sunday Snow For West Central Ohio


More snow is expected here in West Central Ohio, and you guessed it, it’s going to come from yet another clipper system! The “Alberta Clipper” has been our primary mode of snow delivery so far this winter. Clippers generally are quick movers and usually bring anywhere from a dusting up to around 4 inches of snow. This system won’t move in until Sunday so the beginning of our weekend on Saturday should remain snow-free with the exception of some light flurries into the afternoon and evening hours. Based on today’s forecast guidance, it looks as if Sunday’s clipper will begin to spread snow into West Central Ohio around sunrise or a few hours after.

Future 1

As this clipper dives southeast through the Great Lakes snow will likely pick up in intensity into the early afternoon hours.

Future 2

By late evening this system will likely exit the region leaving just a few flurries possible late in the evening.

Future 3

Again, this is a forecast based off of the data I am looking at today (Friday) as I have stressed before and will continue to stress, forecasts can change, especially when predicting winter weather! For example, based off of Thursdays forecast model guidance here was a look at NOAA’s percentages for 2 or more inches of snow on Sunday. Notice that the chance for 2 or more inches was north of Lima and up into Michigan.

HPC Thursday

Now look at how much that forecast has changed for Sunday’s snow based on Friday’s computer forecast model guidance. Look how much further south the chance for two or more inches of snow shifted in just 24 hours!

HPC Friday 2+

Today’s guidance is also suggesting that this clipper could bring us 4 or more inches of snow on Sunday. But I am not going to jump on that simply because rarely do we see clippers bring snow totals above 4 or 5 inches. But for fun, here is a look at NOAA’s percentages for 4 or more inches of snow on Sunday.


So with all that said, here is my forecast for snow this coming Sunday in West Central Ohio.

Kyle Snow Totals

Keep in mind that these numbers may change a little bit, but it does look as if accumulating snow is a very good bet!

Remember! You can always keep up on the latest forecasts and radar with our weather app!

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Have a great weekend everyone!






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