Super Bowl Snow For West Central Ohio

Forecast models have pushed the track of our weekend Winter Storm further north, and for us here in West Central Ohio that means the potential is there for snowfall totals that could exceed 6 inches!

As of now ALL of West Central Ohio will go under a Winter Storm Watch Saturday evening

If you have been keeping up with this blog, I outlined how ensemble forecasts were showing signs of pulling an area of low pressure from the southwest to northeast along and south of the Ohio River. (here is Thursday’s post) Today’s forecasts have pulled the potential track of the low about 100 miles or so further north, and for us that means we’re right in line for POSSIBLE heavy snow on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here is a look at both the GFS and European model and the ensemble forecasted track of the low based on today’s runs.

First the European. Notice the low is tracking right along and just north of the Ohio River. It’s typically about 100 miles or so to the North and West of the low where you can usually expect the heaviest snow amounts in “Panhandle Hook” storms such as this one.


The GFS ensemble is very similar to the European. Both of the above and below pictures are of the placement of the low by about 7 PM Sunday.


Before I continue, it’s very important to note that both of these ensemble forecasts have been shifting this low further and further north over the past couple of days. So the snowfall totals that I’m about to outline are by no means a “final” forecast. As we have seen just from Thursday to today, there has been quite a change. IF this system continues its northward shift on Saturday, these numbers are likely to be adjusted once again.

With that said, lets look at the timing of this potential snow.

I expect the snow to begin to move in the 3 AM to 7 AM timeframe Sunday morning.

Future 1 i

Based on today’s data, I expect the heaviest snow to fall from late morning through the afternoon hours on Sunday with snow tapering off by the end of the Super Bowl (10ish Sunday evening)

Future 2

OK, lets get to my forecasted snow totals. There is going to be a swath of heavy snow somewhere across West Central Ohio. Check out NOAA’s ensemble forecast showing the percentages for snowfall OVER 6 inches on Sunday.


With those high percentages across West Central Ohio here is a look at our forecasted snow totals from early Sunday morning through late Sunday evening.

Kyle Snow Totals

Again, this is not a final forecast but guidance as to what to anticipate based on today’s data. I’ll be eagerly waiting for more data to come in as we near Sunday and update these numbers if I need too!

ALSO, you can get the latest watches and warnings along with live radar, video, my blog and much more!

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