Are We Headed Back Below Zero?


What a relief this past weekend was! We had temperatures close to 50 degrees here in West Central Ohio in what was possibly a preview of spring. But not so fast, this coming weekend will quickly remind us that winter is still VERY much in control!

This expected cool down will come in the form of two cold fronts that will move through the Great Lakes. The first front will pass through Wednesday afternoon bringing a light rain and snow mix to West Central Ohio.

Future 1

The second front will come 48 hours later on Friday night bringing the knock out punch for any glimpse of warmth here in West Central Ohio! Here is a look at the front off to our West Thursday night.

Future 2

So what does this mean for our temperatures? It means that highs over the weekend will struggle to break into the double digits on Saturday and top out in the SINGLE digits on Sunday. As of now it’s looking like the coldest period of weather for us here in West Central Ohio will be Saturday night into Sunday morning where lows will likely fall anywhere from 0° to -10°! Along with below zero actual air temperatures, wind chills Sunday morning will very likely fall in the 15 to 30 below zero range! Here is a look at the GFS projected temperatures into Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning Temps

We’re not done with winter yet! As a matter of fact, the outlook into the middle of February keeps our temperatures well below normal (which is in the mid 30’s this time of year)


Who’s ready for spring? Be sure to check back often for more updates! And as always, you can download our weather app to stay up on our forecasts!


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