UPDATE On Saturday Snow Potential


In Wednesday’s post here I talked about three different possible tracks of an area of low pressure that will impact Ohio into the weekend. The track of the low is becoming more clear as of today, and it looks as if the low will be tracking south of Ohio. For us, that means a snow event and not a rain/snow mix as I talked about on Wednesday.

So here is a look at that southward trending low as it nears West Central Ohio early Saturday morning.

Future 1

Before I go on, even though most forecast models seem to be converging on this southern track of the low, it could still shift its track! It could continue to shift further south by this time tomorrow, and if that happens I’ll continue to adjust my forecast! What I’m laying out here is what we can expect IF this low maintains its current track as portrayed by forecast models today.

Ok, now that necessary disclaimer is out-of-the-way let’s continue 🙂

Based on Thursday’s data light snow looks to move into West Central Ohio by daybreak Saturday morning beginning as light snow. As the low moves closer we’ll probably see the snow pick up into the afternoon and evening hours.

Future 2

Current trends take most of the snow OUT of West Central Ohio now by midnight Saturday night.

Future 3

With the track of this low appearing to be about 150 to 200 miles south, it’s looking very likely that this will be an all snow event. It would be pretty rare at this point to see a shift in the track of the low that far north in just the next 36 hours to give us a chance for some rain mixed in.

With the snow expected, here is a look at the NOAA percentages for the chance for four or more inches of snow. Most of West Central Ohio is in the 40 to 50 percent range. This is by no means set in stone, but at this point I will go conservative and say most of us stand to see between 2 and 4 inches during the day Saturday.


Kyle Snow Totals 2

Again, a lot can still change from now until Saturday! I’ll keep you informed!


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