UPDATE On Sunday Snow!


We just can’t catch a break from weekend snow here in West Central Ohio with snow expected to move in on Sunday. Forecast models have been very consistent for the last 3 or 4 days showing this snow potential, and as we near Sunday the track and potential accumulation is becoming more clear.

A warm front lifting out of the south will spark widespread snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning through Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Light snow will probably start falling here by daybreak on Sunday.

Future Wide

Snow will likely pick up in intensity through the day with the heaviest snow expected to fall in the 10 AM to 5 PM time frame.

Future Wide 2

The BIG question with this system will be how far north will warmer temperatures make it? This would limit the snowfall amounts here in West Central Ohio, especially for our southern counties. Here is a closer look at the Futurecast and where that rain/snow line could set up Sunday afternoon. This will have to be monitored very closely over the next 24 hours as it could have a big impact on potential accumulations.

Future Close

The latest guidance by NOAA shows a 70 to 80 percent chance just to the North of Lima to see 4 or more inches of snow. I certainly don’t think it’s out of the question that part of our viewing area could see closer to 5, maybe 6 inches of snow.


Because of that chance that rain could mix into the snow in some of our southern counties I am keeping accumulations slightly lower in my Friday afternoon snowfall forecast for Sunday.

Kyle Snow Totals 2

Again, this could still change depending on how much warm air is pulled north with this system. I’ll definitely be watching! And remember you can also download our weather app to stay up to date on all the latest watches/warnings, radar and current conditions here in West Central Ohio.

New FB App

Have a good weekend everyone!




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