End Of The Week Rain For West Central Ohio

Rain is expected to move back into Ohio for the end of the week and with all the recent snow melt and rain showers from earlier this week many may be concerned about a possible flood threat.

For Friday, rain looks to hold off until mid-afternoon here in West Central Ohio. The rain will arrive thanks to an area of low pressure moving out of the south bringing with it ample moisture out of the Gulf.

Kyle RPM 12KM Futurecast

By the noon hour on Friday I wouldn’t be surprised to see light showers moving into our southern counties. By 1 or 2 PM most of the counties in West Central Ohio should be seeing at least light rain showers.

Future 1

Light to moderate rain is expected to continue well into the evening…..

Future 2

The rain should begin to taper off Friday night with just light showers remaining by sunrise Saturday. At this point, the heaviest of the rain will have moved on and off into Eastern Ohio.

Future 3

By 8 AM Saturday morning I don’t think it’s out of the question that most places here in West Central Ohio could see over 1/2″ of rain. It’s looking as if higher totals will be found the further south you go with lighter totals further north in the viewing area through Saturday morning.

Kyle Future Rainfall

So how about the flooding potential?

Do I think there could be some minor flooding in low-lying areas? Yes. Do I think that will be a widespread flooding event with rivers and streams overflowing their banks? No, there just won’t be enough rain! If we stay in the half-inch to inch range that I’m forecasting through Saturday morning rivers and streams will swell a little, but not overflow. Check out some of the PROJECTED height levels of both the Blanchard River in Ottawa and Findlay, two places that usually flood first.

The Blanchard in Findlay is projected to stay BELOW minor flooding levels (11 feet)

Blanchard Findlay

And the Blanchard in Ottawa is also projected to stay BELOW minor flooding levels (23 Feet)

Blanchard At Ottawa

I’ll be sure to keep you updated! But for now it looks as if we can just expect some minor flooding in low-lying areas after the rain moves our early Saturday morning.


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