My Top 5 Weather Related Movies Of All Time!

Here it is, My personal top five list of weather related movies! The only real criteria to be part of this list was that some aspect of the weather or a weather person play some sort of central role in the plot of the movie. I’m also interested in what movies you think I may have left off this list. So without further ado here is this weatherman’s list of his favorite weather related movies!

5) The Weatherman


Nick Cage plays a successful Chicago weatherman who’s personal and family life is falling apart before his eyes. He gets very little respect out on the streets with fans regularly throwing food and shouting all kinds of obscenities at him. He is torn between staying in the Midwest and moving to NYC where he would be a part of a national news broadcast. Overall, this movie paints a pretty dark picture of my profession that I’m thankful to say is not true (at least from my experience). It’s definitely a dark comedy that is worth a watch, especially if you’re a Nicholas Cage fan.

4) LA Story

LA Story

Steve Martin plays a wacky Los Angeles weatherman who has very little weather to forecast other than 72 degrees and sunshine. Martin’s character, Harris Telemacher, grows bored of his path in life and embarks on a journey to find some meaning sparked by a broken down car and a malfunctioning traffic sign along the highway. This movie is in no way nearly as funny as some of Martin’s other hits like “The Jerk” but if you’re a Steve Martin fan as I am, you always get a good laugh from his over the top style of comedy.

3) Twister


I don’t think I know a meteorologist who doesn’t love this movie. It’s not the case for me, but I would argue that this movie is singlehandedly responsible for more people deciding to be meteorologists than any other flick. This is the movie that made weather interesting to the masses, and to use a popular cliché, it was a “game changer” in the world of weather.

2) Wizard Of Oz


A Kansas tornado that magically changes a dull, black and white world into one of magic and colors! Who doesn’t love this classic movie? This was one of the first movies I can ever remember seeing, and I’m sure that’s the case too for many reading this as well 🙂

1) Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Ironically, I could watch this movie over and over and over! This is a clear cut #1 for me. This movie is not only at the top of my list of best weather related movies but also favorite movies of all time. If you have never seen this movie, rent it or look it up on Netflix NOW!

I also asked our other two meteorologists here at the station about their top five list.

Elise’s List

5) Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

4) Into The Storm

3) Twister

2) Waterworld

1) Wizard Of Oz

Allison’s List

5) Twister

4) Perfect Storm

3) Day After Tomorrow

2) Wizard Of Oz

1) Titanic




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