Blood Moon/Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse, Here’s Everything You Need To Know!


West Central Ohio is in for quite the celestial treat late Sunday evening if we can manage to keep the skies clear! The fourth total lunar eclipse in 2 years will be seen around much of the world as the moon is expected to pass completely into the earth’s shadow!

No doubt you have probably heard the terms “Blood Moon” and “Super Moon ” being thrown around with this upcoming eclipse, these terms both sound pretty intimidating until you look at what they actually mean and what we can expect when viewing this event.

Blood Moon: As far as I know and understand, every TOTAL lunar eclipse can be considered a blood moon. Think of when the sun sets and changes color. As the light from the sun is blocked by the earth’s horizon and is refracted, the light begins to be filtered leaving mostly orangeish/reddish colors remaining. The same process takes place during a total lunar eclipse when the sun’s light is blocked and refracted around the earth as moon moves into the earth’s shadow.

Eclipse Graphic

Super Moon: The “Super Moon” term refers to the full moon where the moon is closest to the earth during its monthly cycle, or otherwise known as its “perigee”. The perigee this month happens to both fall on the full moon AND the day of the eclipse (Sunday Night). At this time the moon will be roughly 220,000 miles from earth making it appear slightly bigger.  According to NASA, this won’t happen again until 2033.

So when can we expect to see this phenomenon?

The eclipse will technically begin just after 8 PM Sunday evening but probably won’t be visible to the naked eye until 9:07 PM when the moon begins to pass into the earth’s umbral shadow.

Eclipse 1

The total eclipse will begin shortly after 10 PM.

Eclipse 2

The total eclipse will be visible for over 1 hour and come to an end at 11:23 PM.

Eclipse 3

Then onto another partial eclipse with the event nearing its end by 12:27 AM Monday morning.

Eclipse 4

As of now the forecast calls for mostly cloudy skies on Sunday, this definitely isn’t ideal for watching the eclipse, but I’m still confident that because of the length of this event we should be able to see parts of it! I’ll keep you updated!




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